Olympos Boat Tour

We have 2 different boat tours: Kekova and Adrasan. For our guests who would like to have a historical boat tour within the region we suggest Kekova tours, but for our guests who prefer swimming and having fun we suggest Adrasan Boat tours.

Adrasan Boat Tour:

You are transferred to Adrasan from the lobby of Türkmen Tree Houses at 10:00 o'clock in the morning with our services and then you step into a brilliant blue journey in which swimming breaks and a delicious lunch are included.

Perch, macaroni and salad are on the menu of the Lunch. We have also tea and watermelon service in one of the four Bays. Based on the weather conditions, the boat also may have breaks in Akseki, Sazak, Ceneviz and Korsan Bays and you may have the chance to swim in Sulu Ada (Water Island) and Cleopatra Beach.

You will also see the natural water source in Fener Bay which never ceases in winters and summers.

The tour finishes at 17:30 and you are brought to our facility at 18:00. Then you may rest and live the happiness of this beautiful trip.

Kekova Boat Tour:

You are brought to the boat departing from Demre River mouth with our services taking leave at 9:00 o'clock from the building. In addition to visiting the bays you can also see the historical places and make water sports. Chicken sauté, salad, macaroni or rice, yoghurt with parsley and watermelon are on the menu of the lunch.

First you will have a one hour break in Burç Bay. Then the boat departs for Kaleköy for our guests who would like to visit the castle. The next destination is the Batık Şehir (Sunken City). Swimming or accommodation are forbidden here as it is under protection. And you will have your last break in Gökkaya Bay for one hour.

You can join the water activities such as Para Sailing, Banana or Ski in return for fee. Then the Korsan (Pirate) Inn is visited and the tour on sea is ended at 17:00 o'clock.

On the land, you will visit Myra Ancient Theatre, Santa Claus Church. You will reach Türkmen Tree Houses at about 19:00.

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