White Water River Rafting Tour

Rafting is a highly adventurous and interesting daily nature tour which we suggest for everybody from 7 to 70 who can swim and does not have any health condition. Thanks to Rafting, you can escape from the sweltering weather of the Mediterranean reaching nearly 50 C by bringing yourself into the icy cold waters pouring inside a fabulous green canyon and refresh your soul. As it is flowing through the National Park, the visitors will encounter with a matchless sightseeing and have the chance to see the Taurus Mountains.

The Köprüçay River which is located in Manavgat Beşkonak Köprülü Canyon provides a opportunity to make 12 km rafting. The route is composed of 1,2,3 difficulty levels, and highly available for amateurs, presenting no danger.

Rafting tours are made with 8-10 person floating boats with the accompany of English speaking tour guides.

All equipments for Rafting are provided by the hotel.

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