Adrasan is located in Kumluca District of Antalya and became a town in 1996. It has an interesting bay surrounded with pine trees. It takes reverse winds from land to the sea, thus in the past years the ship could not enter this place and brought the traces of the civilization to Olympos, Phaselis and Antalya ports.The name Adrasan is Greek and it is also known as Cavuskoy. It is full of natural beauties with the sand floor and shallow coastal environment. It is also highly suitable for water sports. The sea water temperature is high and the sea is clean and has an undersea seeing level of nearly 29 meters thus it creates a very good opportunity for undersea photographers. The closed Bay of Adrasan has a long and wide beach. You can swim at every part of the sea. Eliğ Hill which is located near the Mount Moses is drawing attention with its silhouette resembling a camel. There is the Markiz Hill at the entry of the Bay. The forest lines on both sides of Adrasan Bay give an idea about on the natural beauty of the Bay. The Olympos ancient city, Yanartaş on mythological mountain with the fire that has never ceased may be the best places for visiting and you may also want to visit Çıralı, Kaş, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xantos, Phaselis and Antalya.

Adrasan Bay, River and Environment

It is a place that you will never want to leave. It is the address for a tranquil vacation. Antalya is already crowded with tourist walking under the heat, but Adrasan promises peace and tranquillity at 100 km to Antalya.

We are heading to Adrasan by leaving Antalya-Kaş Highway and going 22 km towards the sea. We see a pine tree while we are approaching the town and meet a new world when we come closer to the sea. The journey becomes more interesting after sunset.

The place located near the side way of the river is used as a car park and the suspension bridges resembling the Istanbul Bosporus Bridge bring us to the other side where the facilities are located. The light bulbs of the bridges and the facilities which have been designed in a different way create an interesting atmosphere for the visitors. The geese and the ducks sailing on the river and the special lounge terraces become a part of this matchless beauty. The air which has a special flow does the job an air conditioner. The level of the river rises due to the rains in January and February. The foreign guests who would like to have a mild winter enjoy the fresh air.

The guests who are accommodating under the shadows of the ancient trees of Adrasan spend most of their time in gardens, terraces and near pine trees or in the famous beach and coast of Adrasan. The left part of Adrasan along 2 km is called as Dere Location. The spring water coming from Tahtalı Mountains involves fish such as perch and chub. The right side of the Bay is full of hotels and accommodation places. There are also trekking field for those who are interested in. You may see Oturak Bay between Mavi kent-Gelidonia which is famous for its beach even during the roughest times of the sea. The guests who are heading to Karagöz Quarter may enter another special Bay which is full of daily picnic areas surrounded with nearly 200 villas, also known as the place of Ankara. There is another picnic field in Papaz Seaport. The 25 km beach in Mavikent which is reaching Finike provides a great promise. The students enrolled in diving courses may enjoy diving sessions in Adrasan. Every day group diving activities are held in "Üç Adalar", "Pırasalı Ada" and "Sulu Ada" at 25-30 meters and the students have their certificates at the end of these courses.

The boats approaching Papaz Bay are delivering their fish to Reis Fisheries and the amateur fishers also catch their fish with rods or spear guns.

The fire of the Olympos that
never ceases:Yanartaş (Chimera)


yanan tas çıralı adrasan