Cirali is in UluPinar Village in District of Kemer.

Cirali is located within the National Park of Olympos Mountainı, is the breeding place of the sea turtles Caretta Carettas which are under protection. The beach is mildly elevated from the sea and lined with rocks on both sides. Generally it has fine grained sands. There is a river bed only flowing in winters. On the southern part, the river comes in Olympos and reaches the sea. Thus Çıralı beach is divided as Olympos and Cirali by the river.

UluPinar river and canyon, together with the Lykia Road, Olympos and Yanartaş and the cedar trees and plains are taken under protection as 1st and 2nd degree natural protection areas, thus they were deprived of big scale tourism activities.

The UluPinar Environmental Protection, Development and Operation Cooperative which was founded in 2000 has been dealing with ecological agriculture and tourism activities within the region and also dealing with the nature protection affairs. The people of the region are generally earning their income from motels and small scale agricultural operation. Typical Mediterranean climate is seen in the region. A very hot summer follows a long spring period (35 degrees in July and August).

Mythological Story

A boy with a divine beauty named Bellerophontes lives in Argos, Greece. He runs after the flying horse Pegasos but failes to catch it. One day the gods show him how to catch the horse in his dream. He then succeeds in catching the horse with the golden belt given to him while the horse drinks water.

But Bellerophontes someday kills a person accidentally. Upon this he leaves Argos and flees to palace of Proitos, the King of Tiryns. The queen falls in love with this beautiful boy and wants to make love with him. But Bellerophontes refuses, in honour of the place he stays. The queen lies to her husband and tells him that the boy forces her to make love. The King gets angry but does not want to kill the boy, instead returns him to the King of Lykia together with a letter.

Bellerophontes reaches Lykia. The king greets him near River Xanthos and keeps him for nine days. At ninth day he receives the king's letter and decides that the boy has to be killed. But instead of killing him, he sends him to the Chimera to fight. Chimera is an interesting creature which has a head of a lion, body of a goat, a tail of snake and spits fires from its mouth. Bellerophontes defeats Chimera with Pegasos. Bellerophonhes does every job the king request.

Upon all these the king thinks that he is coming from the lineage of the Gods and gives him many rewards and her daughter as well. Bellerophontes is coming from the lineage of Poseidon. He has three children from this marriage, his daughter Laodameia makes love with Zeus and Sarpedon is born. When Sarpedon grows up he becomes the King of Lykia and joins War of Troy.

He is killed by Petroculos who is fighting with the weapons of Achilleus. While taking his last breath he gives his duties to Glaukos and then falls. Zeus gives command to Apollon for bringing the dead body of his son to Lykia.

The Chimera born from mating of Typhon and Ekhidna lives in the mountain which is today called as Çıralı, Yanartaş. Chimera continues spitting fire while going down under earth. Today the fact that the fire is taking its source from the natural gas is combined with this Myth.

The fire of the Olympos that
never ceases:Chimera


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