Türkmen Tree Houses

Olympos is the second most important port city located at the southern coasts of Antalya after Phaselis. The most of the remnants are located in the forests and belong to the Hellenistic, Rome, Byzantium Eras. Olympos port was known as the hosting place for pirates. The river bed which was dividing the city in the ancient times is still flowing the beauty of the history. At the eastern part of Olympos coast 300 km forward, there is the beach which is known as the breeding location of the Caretta Carettas and the famous with beach sand dunes where many plants live. The Jackal Hill which is known with Chimera a creature believed to spit fire from its mouth is one of the most interesting visiting places.

Türkmen Tree Houses was founded in 1985 with the bungalow type houses built under the shadows of orange and pomegranate trees within the Olympos valley and it is first vacation facility of the region. The facility, founded by Hamdi Karataş, has started its services with 35 bed capacity is now providing service for 550 guests.