The fire of the Olympos that never ceases: Yanartaş (Chimera)

This fire is located in Chimera which is a town of Lykia, and has never ceased since the ancient times due to the natural gas emanating from a source. The fire used to be stronger in the pas but has turned into a number of less stronger flames. It would be more impressive to watch the fire in night time. After a 20 minute walk from the Ruins, you can reach the hill where these firestones are settled.

The natural gas source located in the hills at the South of Çıralı Beach was also mentioned in old Greek Mythology.

The legend in Greek Mythology is as follows:

Hipponoes, son of Glaukos the King of Ephyra kills his brother Belleros in a hunting party and takes the name Bellerophontes which means "Eater of Belleros" He is exiled from Ephyra and flees to the king of Argos. The King of Argos sends him back to the King of Lykia instead of killing him.

The King of Lykia abstains from killing this desperate boy and sends him to the Olympos Mountain to fight with the Chimera which has a head of a lion, body of a goat, a tail of snake and spits fires from its mouth. Bellerophontes, rides his winged horse named Pegassos and goes for fighting the Chimera. When Chimera attacks the Pegassos rises and Bellerophontes buries the monster to 7 layers under the earth with his spare. However Chimera does not give up spitting fire from down of the earth. According to the legends which have been told for years in Anatolia and to the legend transferred by Homeros, the fires of the Chimera are still coming from 7 layers under the earth.

A competition is held in Olympos in order to celebrate the victory of Bellerophontes. The athletes fire their torches with the holy fire and run to the city of Olympos and this becomes the first example of Olympic Games in Anatolia Turkey. The "Olympic Torch" is the symbolic sign of the fire of Chimera which has never ceased.

The fire of the Olympos that
never ceases:Yanartaş (Chimera)


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